The Story Is Everything

from by The Story Is Everything



music: John Voorhees
lyrics: John Voorhees & Tanya Reichard Voorhees


Fire cast his animated shadow on the wall
Of the cave where astonished faces watched him so enthralled
He tells a tale was told to him and him and him before
The story, child, is everything

The philosopher, he gathered all his pupils on the hill
And he told a puzzling fable that befuddled them, and still
Slowly, as the new ideas made new homes in their minds
The story, child, is everything
The story, child, is everything

All narratives in life, whether told on land or sea
Spill from the universal soul of all humanity
Stories live in blood and bones and genetic memory
And they rise up
And we make exchange like precious currency

The bard strummed a mournful tune reclined before the king
Of love, betrayal, honor, glory, passion he did sing
The queen bestowed him favor later on behind the stable
The story, child, is everything

The flicker of the silver screen shone down upon his face
As the silent moving picture brought him to another place
Glamour and adventure and the Movietone News
The story, child, is everything
The story, child, is everything

And now we hear the tangled tale of our postmodern mind
Television, internet and cell phone all combined
But nothing’s new beneath the sun, no matter what you’ve heard
And everybody everywhere still hangs on every word

And as we sit together in the warm romantic glow
And I tell you all the things you need to think you need to know
Can you feel the tug of history as I whisper in your ear
The story, child, is everything
The story, child, is everything
The story, child …


from The Story Is Everything, released May 17, 2012
John and Tanya Voorhees: all vocals
John: acoustic 6-string guitar, bass, harmonica, bundle sticks, shaker, tambourine
Tanya: acoustic 12-string guitar, mandolin




The Story Is Everything Gulfport, Mississippi

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