music & lyrics: John Voorhees


Don’t say you didn’t see this coming
Don’t try and tell me you’re surprised
I know you’re really not that stupid
And there’s nothing wrong with your beady eyes

I came and told you my sad story
And I remember everything I swore
But you knew I was a scorpion
Before we left the shore

I couldn’t make it 'cross this water
Without the guidance of a friend
I know at first you were suspicious
But I won you over in the end

I said the issue was survival
And I said I’d never try a thing
But you knew I was a scorpion
Before you felt my sting


Now do you feel you’ve been mistreated
And do you feel I’ve let you down?
Well the memory of all the ways I’ve cheated
May that be a consolation while we drown
I knew I really had you going
When I stood up to testify
But you knew I was a scorpion
Did you think I couldn’t lie?
Yeah, you knew I was a scorpion
And now we’re gonna die

And now we’re gonna die


from The Story Is Everything, released May 17, 2012
John and Tanya Voorhees: all vocals
John: acoustic 6-string guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, shaker, tambourine
Tanya:: acoustic 12-string guitar, mandolin, concertina




The Story Is Everything Gulfport, Mississippi

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